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Star Tribune Obituary

As many of you know, the Star Tribune published a pretty extensive news obituary for Dan two years ago. If you didn't see it then, follow that link. Nancy also bought an obituary for in the paper in Superior and it's here.

On the two year anniversary, Nancy wanted to honor Dan's memory with a more personal obituary in the Star Tribune. It will published in tomorrow's Sunday print edition and is here online. Please take a moment to sign the online guest book on the published obituary; it will be a special memento of remembrance for Dan's kids and grandchildren forever. Thanks you so much for continuing to offer words of comfort and remembrance for our sweet Dan.

Culhane, Daniel E. One of the kindest men in the world was taken from his loved ones by the COVID-19 virus on 2/28/21. Dan aka Babe, Pops, Daddy, Daniel My Brother, Uncle Dan, Danny, Dan Lightfoot, The Senator, Herb Frittatas, Danimal & The Most Romantic Man In The World was only 62 years old and he had so much life left to live. He leaves behind family & countless friends but is missed most of all by his wife, best pal & the love of his life Nancy Mitchell, his fantastic kids Joe (Rachel Robinson), Cori (Jake) Orak, his furry, 4-legged terror Chloe as well as his amazing grandkids Joy & Willy Culhane. While Dan was a successful radio announcer, voiceover artist and commercial Production Director, he never defined himself by his job title. Dan was devoid of ego, almost to a fault. His true loves after his wife and kids were travel, books, music, film noir, and a dry red wine, an evening thunderstorm, reruns of Columbo, the ocean and the BWCA. Perhaps his greatest love was refereeing youth hockey. Whether it was helping kids during tryouts, guiding new referees, teaching classes, participating in tournaments or bonding with fellow referees, Dan was in his element when he was on the ice. There are countless stories of how Dan helped others. Not just the "usual" help like a ride to the airport, but mowing the lawn for a pregnant neighbor, taking his beloved mother-in-law Corrine to her high school reunion after her husband died, teaching his niece Annabelle to drive, mentoring those new to radio/voiceovers, financially helping relatives, working on charity fundraisers and opening his home to friends recovering from illness/injuries, He even got ordained to perform wedding ceremonies for friends, his niece Delana as well as his nephew Matt. No ask was too big for Dan. If he could help, he did. And he did it happily & without complaint. He was the guy who did things others wouldn't and often times his kindnesses went unappreciated and unacknowledged. But that didn't matter to Dan. He helped people because he wanted to. Not for the attention and definitely not for the praise. Now this is not to say that Dan was perfect. In fact, he'd be the first one to admit that. He was forgetful, a procrastinator, an impatient driver and couldn't remember to turn a light off or pick up his socks if his life depended on it. He sang the wrong lyrics, was far too amused by puns and refused to believe in ghosts at the same time he believed that life existed on other planets. Dan was adored by all who REALLY knew him. His absence is felt every minute of every day and the world isn't as beautiful without him in it. To learn more about Dan or to contribute to the Dan Culhane Kindness Legacy, please visit In the words of Dan's favorite TV detective; "Just one more thing:" please get vaccinated, boosted and wear a mask so your family doesn't have to go through the heartache of summing up your life in a few words. Do something nice for someone in honor of Dan today and always remember to #SpreadKindness

Published on March 5, 2023 - please sign the guest book on this link to help us continue to remember this special person, gone too soon.


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